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Transportation Utility Fee

On Tuesday, June 20, 2017 the City Council held a public hearing and adopted Resolutions 17-26 and 17-27, establishing a Transportation Utility Fund and Fee. 

The Fee was established as a means to equitably fund the continual operations and maintenance of all City public roads. It is a public utility service, so it will be included in the monthly utility bill beginning July 2017. The adopted monthly rate is tiered; $5 the first year, $10 the second year; and $15 for the subsequent years. 

Here are a few helpful links to help you understand the the meaning behind the increase in your utility bill.

2018 Street Maintenance Projects Map

  • Projects scheduled to be completed by October of 2018

-Transportation Utility Fee Cost and Improvement Summary

  • The original Study analyzed 5 scenarios, from "Do Nothing" $0 Fee, to "Fix Everything" $20 fee
  • The evaluation period is a 10-year window (to 2027)
  • Scenarios 6 and 7 were added after the initial presentation
  • The Council adopted Scenario 7
  • This anticipates generating approximately $5.52 million over 10 years
  • It is anticipated to raise the RSL (Remaining Service of Life of a road, measured in years) from 7.99 (April 2017) to 11.04 (October 2027)
  • 16.8% of the roads would still be at an RSL of 0 (in 2027)

-Scenario 7 - 10 Year Plan (adopted)

  • Revised to only show the adopted scenario
  • Subject to change based on estimated costs and projected revenues