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New Dust Wall

New Dust Wall by Staker Parsons Pit

Click Here to view a map of Staker Parsons' new dust wall going up.

- Staker Parson has begun work along the west end of their pit in preparation for a berm & wall to be installed.

-Wall Installation is a few months out.

-The image in the above attachment shows the wall's location (red lines) and profile view with trees to be placed on either side of the wall.

-Other recent additional dust mitigation efforts by Staker Parsons above what they already have been doing include:

  • Improving several conveyor transfer points to assist in limiting dust blow off.
  • Improved water truck access to some areas that the water truck couldn't reach and now can.
  • Pond mine material continues to be placed over exposed slopes to mitigate dust blowing in the wind.