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Justice Court


Justice Court

1600 E. South Weber Dr.
South Weber, UT 84405
Phone: 801.479.3177 x 203   
Fax: 801.479.0066

Mon-Thurs: 8am - 5pm
Fri: 7am - 11am
Excluding Holidays

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The Justice Court uses the State of Utah Uniform Fine/Bail - Forfeiture Schedule as a guideline in setting bail and sentencing.

    Click here to view the Uniform Fine/Bail Schedule

Please contact a Court Clerk at 801.479.3177 x 203 if:

  • The charge(s) you were cited with require a court appearance (Appears as 'Mandatory Court Appearance' in the comment column of the fine/bail schedule)
  • You have any questions regarding the fine/bail amount

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