Truth in Taxation Hearing

South Weber City held a Truth in Taxation Public Hearing on August 17 regarding the city maintaining the current property tax rate and incorporating the county’s paramedic tax rate into our rate now that the City will be responsible for providing paramedic service.

The county will be discontinuing paramedic services for all of Davis County, and so each city or fire district needs to build up that service internally. Our Fire Chief has been working hard in building that program so we can start sooner rather than later. When we say soon, we are anticipating before the year is through. By maintaining our current rate and adding the county rate (which they are no longer collecting so there won’t be any double dipping) we will be able to get this group ready to serve you quicker than a prairie fire with a South Weber tail wind.

Why is it a good thing to have our own paramedics? Well in the past our Advanced EMTs could only assist to a certain point, and then we needed to wait for a county paramedic to respond. With paramedics on staff we will be able to have them respond with the ambulance, there will be 3 employees on staff instead of 2, and more of our employees will have paramedic level EMT so we will be able to perform life-sustaining measures almost immediately.