Secondary Water Shut Offs

South Weber City does not provide secondary water. Four different entities provide secondary water within the City. You can view a map of the service areas HERE. Each entity will be shutting off secondary water at different times this year. The City has gathered the below information regarding secondary water shut offs.

Davis and Weber Water Canal Company

Due to the extreme drought, water use, and limited resources, the Davis and Weber Counties Canal Company will shut their secondary water systems off on September 1, 2021 or sooner if water use increases. Please reduce your secondary water use, limit watering to twice a week, and plan accordingly for this early shutdown (please no new landscapes). Please do not create a cross-connection which will jeopardize drinking water systems.


If you house number ends in:

0, 1, 2, 3 – Water on Monday and Thursday

4, 5, 6 – Water on Tuesday and Friday

7, 8, 9 – Water on Wednesday and Saturday

It is recommended that you water once (one cycle) on your scheduled day EXCEPT between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm. We recommend reviewing the State website for conservation ideas and guides. Check our website for further updates or restrictions. We ask for your patience as we manage an unprecedented water situation.

South Weber Irrigation Company

The South Weber Irrigation Company (West end), that uses the Weber River as their water source will shut down their secondary water on
September 20, 2021. This request is due to the drought conditions we are having. Shutting down early will save the water for next year.

Please adhere to the restrictions that have been put in place. If you can cut back by one (1) day that will help. Please do not add any new landscapes/sod. Hopefully we will have enough snowpack during the winter so this will not be necessary next year.

South Weber Water Improvement District

The South Weber Water Improvement District wishes to express our great appreciation to those who have diligently observed the water restrictions that were put in place this year due to the extreme statewide drought conditions. Our District purchased additional water from Weber Basin Water Conservancy District to increase our water supplies and to potentially extend the season. As a result of both efforts, the South Weber Water Improvement District anticipates delivering water until September 20th this year provided the water supply is not depleted earlier.

Weber Basin Water

 Weber Basin Water Conservancy District held an emergency meeting with its irrigation water customer agencies on July 27, 2021, to discuss the persistent and extreme drought conditions within the Weber Basin drainage. District staff reviewed current water supplies, use projections, and customer agency input with its Board of Trustees at the July 29, 2021 board meeting. Both meetings stressed the importance of ensuring water there is a drinking water supply for next year.

The District’s Board of Trustees concluded to terminate irrigation water deliveries for secondary and agricultural uses (both wholesale and retail) on September 20, 2021. The District will deliver water as late into the season as possible to ensure farmers have adequate supply for their crops and minimize the impacts to residential users.