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Family Activity Center
1181 E. Lester Dr.
South Weber, UT 84405

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City Hall

1600 E. South Weber Dr. 84405
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South Weber began in 1851 when the Watts and Bybee families arrived in the valley. Originally, it was in Weber County. At first, the only town at the mouth of Weber Canyon was East Weber or Easton, and it included the areas on both the north and south sides of the river. In 1855, the Territorial Legislature divided Easton in two and gave the area on the north side of the river the designation Uintah. The area on the south side was named South Weber.  At the same time, the Weber River was designated as the dividing line between Weber and Davis Counties and South Weber was put in Davis County. The Town of South Weber was incorporated in 1938, and on 16 March 1971, with the population of 1,073, became a Third Class City. Joseph Staples was the President of the Town Board when South Weber was incorporated and LeRoy Poll became the first Mayor when the City was granted Third Class status. The present population is approximately 6,700 (Click Here for More Census/Demographic Info).