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Gravel Pit Information – South Weber City, Utah


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Family Activity Center
1181 E. Lester Dr.
South Weber, UT 84405Phone: 801.476.4445
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City Hall

1600 E. South Weber Dr. 84405
(801) 479-3177Development Agreement between Staker & Parson Companies and South Weber City, click here.Air Quality Reports:Fugitive dust is considered to be particulates greater than PM10 (particles greater than 10 micrometers in size). Particulates larger than PM10 will travel in wind and escape from property boundaries. State law authorizes cities to declare what shall constitute a nuisance, and abate the same as necessary.On December 9, 2003 South Weber City (SWC), desirous to exercise some control over the fugitive dust nuisances approved Resolution 2003-36, Fugitive Dust Agreement. The agreement requires gravel pit operators within SWC to conduct monthly monitoring for airborne particulates, with the standard set at no more than 265 micrograms per cubic meter of PM10 particulates. Monitoring dates are selected by SWC and provided to the gravel pit companies the first of each month. The agreement requires a 24-hour sampling period and only allows exceptions to the 265 micorgram per cubic meter standard when wind speeds exceed 25 mph during the monitoring period and if the operators are determined to be taking appropriate steps to control the dust. In the even that an exceedence is found the following fees apply:
Exceedance Fine
1 $0
2 $50
3 $100
4 $200
5 $300
6 $400
7 $500
Development Overview Reports May 26, 2009If you have any questions or concerns in regards to the Gravel Pit, please send us a message and we will get back to you quickly.