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Wasatch Integrated Waste Landfill

Phase V Lift – A Message from Wasatch Integrated Waste Management

It has been nearly a year since we completed the construction of the final cover on the slope of Phase V. Since then, we have continued to place garbage in this part of the landfill. Our goal is to bring the northeastern portion of the landfill to final elevation as soon as possible so we can get it under final cover and then move active operations to the western phases which are further from South Weber.

In response to the recent odor complaints, we have accelerated the installation of a new gas collection header pipe into this area which will allow us to connect the already existing laterals to the active collection system. This will allow us to capture more gas and destroy it. We anticipate completing this work in the next few days. We are also evaluating operation of the gas collection system to see if we can increase the vacuum in the phase V area. We are optimistic that these improvements will bring some near term improvement to the neighborhood.

The filling sequence for Phase V calls for placement of two lifts of waste (15 feet thick each) prior to the next scheduled final cover installation. After the next final cover installation, we are planning on moving active operations back to the west side of the landfill which is as far as possible from South Weber. The current lift is about 30% across and we started it on June 4th. Based on our current projections for waste acceptance we anticipate the next final cover will be installed spring of 2021. This depends on how much waste we are able to transfer from the new material recovery facility which is subject to the construction schedule on that project also.

In the mid-term, we believe that transferring the organic materials separated from the residential waste at the materials recovery facility will really improve odors by removing the most offending materials from the landfill.