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Letter from the Mayor Regarding the Landfill


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Letter from the Mayor


Mayor Sjoblom

Hi Everyone,

The South Weber Odor Mitigation Committee met with Preston Lee from Wasatch Integrated Waste Management to receive an update on what the landfill is doing to control odor.

In the past, the landfill has covered up daily waste delivered to the landfill with 6 inches of dirt. Because the surface of the active fill is neither flat nor uniform, there is inevitably exposed garbage that the soil does not completely cover. The landfill has been demoing a machine since just before Christmas called the Enviro Cover Deployer that lays down a sheet of plastic (Enviro Cover) over the garbage – see attachment 2. This cover seals the entire irregular surface of garbage leaving nothing exposed. It cannot be reused and when more fill is ready to be dumped over it, holes are punctured into it and it is covered up. Preston says that since applying this cover, complaints from surrounding residents about odor have significantly decreased. Wasatch Integrated is considering purchasing this machine.

Wasatch Integrated is now soliciting bids for the construction of the final (permanent) cover around the perimeter slope of the Stage B phase (the active phase and the one closest to South Weber) – see attachment 1 (Stage B Closure). Look at the second picture in this series. The portion of the map of the landfill with the magenta lines is the area that will receive this permanent cover. This cover will seal 385,000 sq. ft. of the active phase and hopefully reduce the odor for SW residents. With the application of this cover, the active portion of the landfill will recede away from South Weber approximately 270 feet. Preston feels confident that this cover will be completed by the end of this June, 2018.

This final cover is made of high density polyethelene (HDPE) – a plastic like the kind milk jugs are made of. This layer is applied and welded to the existing liner that comes up from the bowl of the landfill creating an airtight seal. Three feet of topsoil is then applied to cover the HDPE and finally, seeded to prevent erosion and create a natural landscape. Then, in 2 years, a second final cover will be applied moving the active portion of the landfill even further away from South Weber. The remaining surface of phase V will be covered with a temporary liner while refuse is moved to another phase south and west of the now active portion of the landfill.
We are very hopeful that this perimeter final cover will significantly reduce odor to South Weber. The active phase V will continue to move west in the next two years, and after that, the odor will hopefully be diminished.


Jo Sjoblom