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2022 Angel Tree

DHHS  & DCFS along with South Weber City are putting on the Angel Tree again this year.

Below is a list of names provided to us by DCFS of children in need.


Please take some time to pick a child/children to help out! Once you choose a child/children to sponsor/purchase gifts for, email Kimberli at with the child’s NAME and corresponding NUMBER as well as your name and contact information.

Please wait to purchase gifts until you receive an email confirmation back from that the child/children you would like is/are free.

Please PRINT the child’s Gift Slip immediately and make sure to save it so you can place it on the outside of the bags/boxes used to bring the gifts back in. You will need to have one slip per box you bring in!

All gifts need to be returned to City Hall UNWRAPPED no later than Thursday, December 15th by 4:00 pm.

Thank you for your willingness to give this holiday season! We appreciate you!

1. Annabelle-Taken

2. Shinah- Taken

3. Julius-Taken

4. Temperynce-Taken

33. Char-Taken

6. Maria-Taken

7. Avyannah-Taken

8. Armando-Taken

9. Dalanie-Taken

10. Cara-Taken

11. Connor-Taken

12. Bryce-Taken

13. Blake-Taken

14. Ruby-Taken

15. Oliver-Taken

16. Dakota-Taken

17. Jorden-Taken

18. Julien-Taken

19. James-Taken

20. Josiah-Taken

21. Lucifer-Taken

22. Levi-Take

23. Taneesha-Taken

24. Rylynn-Taken

25. Ryiott-Taken

26. Halo-Taken

27. Lovey-Taken

28. Delaysa-Taken

29. Zina-Taken

30. Ryah-Taken

31. Jaxon-Taken

32. Joshua-Taken