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Country Fair Days


A Week Long Celebration!

Country Fair Days began in 1976, put together by our long-time resident Kathy Poll.  Since its inception, many hands have come to the table to make this beloved tradition live on.  Country Fair Days takes place the first week of August every year and is well known as the best week of the year!  Country Fair Days is a wonderful opportunity to get to be with your friends and neighbors and enjoy all the activities.  We hope you join us! 

This year’s Country Fair Days will go from July 30 – August 6.



GOLF: Brady Jaques 801-808-2792

Whitney Jaques 801-660-7058

PICKLEBALL: Matt Wren 801-430-1451

MONDAY NIGHT FAMILY DINNER: Michael Poff 801-540-6930


LITTLE BUCKAROO RODEO: Alexx Keetch 801-389-1664

KID K RACE: Natalie Browning 801-391-3948

OLD TIMER’S BALL GAME: Jill Kap 801-336-0470

Jeni Poll 801-628-0880

MOVIE IN THE PARK: Hayley Alberts and the Youth City Council

3 ON 3 BASKETBALL: Chris Buckway 801-786-9837

SWIM PARTY: Curtis Brown

MEMORIAL RACE: Marty and Lisa Harward 801-564-3669

PARADE: Diana Cox 801-427-5085

BOOTHS: Tani Lynch 801-603-3456

ENTERTAINMENT: Ben Bowen 801-414-7076

Michele Bowen 801-430-1879

Molly Collings 801-814-7092 (Entertainment Scheduler)

Sign up for all things Country Fair Days here!

If you are interested in being a vendor at our week-long event, please contact Tani Lynch at 801-603-3456.

Country Fair Days is completely and entirely done with volunteers!  As it is a week-long event filled with amazing events, volunteers are always a need.  If you would like to be a part of this cherished tradition, please contact Traci Weise 801-388-2530 or Tani Lynch at 801-603-3456.

Country Fair Days is given a very limited budget and runs completely with the help of volunteers.  If you would like to sponor or donate, please contact Traci Weise 801-388-2530 or Tani Lynch at 801-603-3456.

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