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Each year, South Weber City budgets for repairs and replacements of existing curb, gutter, and sidewalk. Throughout the year, residents can submit a request to have repairs/replacements done (through the City website, phone call, in person at the City Office). Starting in July, the City Public Works Director compiles all new requests and adds them to the existing list of requests that were not fulfilled in previous years. All requests (new and previously submitted) are reviewed and rated/re-rated according to one of three priorities as outlined below. After the list is prioritized, the project list is sent out for bid, a contract is awarded, and repairs are completed. The number of repairs/replacements depends both on the amount of funding available as well as the cost of the contract.

Priority One:
Will be repaired as soon as reasonably possible.

  • Curb that is holding more than four inches (4”) of water
  • Vertical settlement drop-off of two inches (2”) or greater

Priority Two:
Will be repaired during the current fiscal year’s bid.

  • Chipped or broken surface of seventy five percent (75%) to one hundred (100%) percent
  • Curb that is holding more than two inches (2”), but less than four inches (4”) of water
  • Significant chipping of over fifty percent (50%) of the surface area that is one half inch (1/2”) to one inch (1”) deep
  • Vertical settlement drop-off of more than one (1) inch but less than two (2) inches

Priority Three:
Will be repaired as funding allows.

  • Cosmetic defects
  • Curb holding less than two inches (2”) of water

Requests are reviewed each July, with construction beginning in August/September. The City repairs as much as possible while still remaining within the budgeted amount. 

Street Parking Regulations –

No on-street parking from November 1 – March 31, Midnight to Noon. If you have issues with parking in your neighborhood, please contact Davis County Sheriff at 801.444.2280.

Snow Removal:
Did you know the City has a policy for snow removal on the streets? This policy outlines the efforts of the Public Works Department to remove the snow after and /or during each snow storm.