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Justice Court

The South Weber Justice Court was established in 1971 when the city was incorporated. Its mission is to improve the quality of life for the residents and non-residents who frequent the city. The Court has jurisdiction to adjudicate infractions and misdemeanors (Class B & C) when the violation occurred within city boundaries. Several law enforcement agencies issue citations into the South Weber Justice Court including Utah Highway Patrol, Davis County Sheriff’s Office, and the Division of Wildlife Resources. Small claims cases which either occurred in the city or where the defendant resides in the city may also be heard if the suit is $15,000 or under.

1600 E South Weber Dr. (Map)

801-479-3177 ext. 2203 Fax 801-479-0066


Judge Bryan J Memmott

Prosecutor Chris Allred, 801-399-8614

Court Hours will be temporarily changed from October 9th – 27th.

MONDAYS 9 am to noon




FRIDAYS 9am to noon

Court Office will be closed for Columbus Day and court will not be held Oct 19th.

Introducing MyCase — an online portal where you can:

  • Make payments and view balances
  • See the date and time of your upcoming court hearings
  • See case history for your court case(s)
  • See documents that have been filed in your court case(s)
  • In order to register for a MyCase account you must be able to prove your identity and have a valid email address.

To register for a MyCase account please go to


You may now look up any court case through Xchange without a subscription. Fees apply.


Beginning October 1, 2022 Automatic Deferred Prosecution is available. To sign up you must have a MyCase account.


Utah Deferred Prosecution

South Weber Plea in Abeyance

Driver’s Age

21 years or older



12 months

6 months


None required

Course completed within 60 days/extra fee


$5.00 plus fine amount

$25.00 plus fine amount


Pay in full

Payments or community service available


No commercial license/Utah only

No commercial license/any state

Prior convictions

None within 24 months

No more than 2 violations within 36 months


No current deferral 

No plea in abeyance in last year


If you have received a citation, you must contact the court no less than 5 days and no more than 14 days after the issue date. If you fail to respond within 14 days, it may result in late fees and/or a warrant for your arrest being issued.

The Justice Court uses the State of Utah Uniform Fine Schedule as a guideline in setting bail and sentencing.

Per UCA 76-3-301.7 you may request community service in place of fine payment. You will need to appear in open court with a plan including the non-profit or government agency that has agreed to supervise your service and when you will complete the hours, if approved.

Most charges may be paid online, over the phone, in person or by mail. Some charges require a court appearance. (Appears as ‘Mandatory Court Appearance’ in the comment column of the fine schedule or underlined on common violations.) There is a $3 convenience fee for payments on-line or over the phone.

If you have questions, please call the court clerk at 801.479.3177 ext. 2203

Frequently Asked Questions:
How do I pay a ticket?

You may pay online, over the phone, in person or by mail. Court clerks have authority to set up payment plans with a minimum amount $50 per month. There is no grace period. A $3.00 convenience fee will be charged on each digital transaction.

  1. Online:
  • You will need your court case number or citation number. Please verify the name on the case to assure your payment is posted correctly.
  • If you are considering traffic school, do not pay online. If you pay, a guilty plea will be entered negating the advantages of traffic school. Contact the court during regular business hours to see if you are eligible. Then you will need to fill out plea in abeyance forms at the court office.
  • If you have an active warrant, you cannot pay online. 
  • If your charges include a mandatory appearance, you cannot pay until after your hearing.

Click here to pay online

  1. Phone:
  • Call 801.479.3177 extension 2203 or 2202
  • Discover Card, Master Card, Visa and e-check accepted. There is a $3.00 fee for electronic payments.
  • Payment must be made by the card holder.
  1. In Person: 
  • South Weber City Justice Court: 1600 E South Weber Drive, South Weber, Utah 84405.
  • Personal and business checks are NOT accepted on Warrants. You may pay with cash, cashier’s check, or money order.
  1. Mail/Drop Box:
  • South Weber City Justice Court, 1600 East South Weber Drive, South Weber, Utah 84405.
  • The court case number or citation number must be referenced.
  • Do not send cash through the mail.
  • There is a drop box at City Hall.
  • Payment must reach the court by the due date.
  1. Return check policy

Per UCA 7-51-1 a $20 fee will be assessed for all returned checks. Per UCA 7-15-1 an additional $35 fee may also be assessed if after notification, the returned check is not covered. Future payments by check will not be accepted.

Can I do community service instead of paying a fine?

You have a legal right to request community service in place of a fine.  Your service must be approved by Judge Memmott and must be done through a non-profit organization. To request this option, call the court and set a hearing date. You will be credited at $10 per hour. If community service is not done or proof provided as ordered, the community service will no longer be an option and the original fine will be imposed.

How do I do get on the Court calendar?

South Weber is an open court. You are not required to have an appointment; however it is best to verify the court date by calling the Court Clerk at 801.479.3177 x 2203

When is Court held?

Court is usually held on the first and third Thursday of each month at 4:00 p.m. but may be changed. All hearings will be held in person beginning in October.

Court Calendars may be found at Http://

2023 Meeting Schedule

Court begins at 4 pm and runs until all cases are seen. You must check-in by 5 pm to guarantee appearance. If you fail to appear, a warrant may be issued.

How do I join hearings electronically?

Beginning in October hearings will be held in person with few exceptions based on physical or geographic inability to attend.  To request a Webex link contact the court clerks and provide proof of need. If you have a scheduled electronic hearing, you will be emailed an invitation with a link.  All others will need to appear.



Can I go to traffic school?

Beginning October 1, 2022 Utah is offering a deffered prosecution. You should check the table on this page above to see if you qualify for either that or the court’s plea in abeyance.

South Weber offers a 6 month traffic school plea in abeyance which means the guilty or no contest plea will be held until the terms are completed. After 6 months of full compliance, the charge will be dismissed. The administrative fee is $25 in addition to the cost of the violation. You are also required to take a traffic course either on-line or with a neighboring city within 60 days. (Additional Charge)

The City Prosecutor has given the clerks very specific limitations regarding traffic school qualifications.  Some qualifications are:

  1. Your current charge must be minor.
    1. speed must be under 19 miles over the limit
    2. an accident cannot be involved
    3. it cannot be in a school zone
  2. You must have a valid driver’s license when cited. You may not have a commercial driver’s license (CDL).
  3. You may not have had a plea in abeyance or attended a traffic school within the last 12 months.
  4. You may not have had more than 2 moving violations within the last three years from any state.

If you believe you qualify and would like to file a motion to hold your plea in abeyance, please contact the court clerk at 801-479-3177 ext. 2203. After the clerk verifies your eligibility, you will be emailed the appropriate document to be returned by email within seven days. When it is received, the judge will sign an order to hold the plea in abeyance which will be emailed to you at that time with instructions on how to pay and complete the traffic course.

How do I get my record expunged?

Expungement Process

  1. Applications are processed through the Bureau of Criminal Indification (BCI). Fee is $65.
  2. If found eligible, BCI will return a certificate list letter providing certificate numbers.
  3. File a Petition to the court within 180 days. Additional fees will be required.
  4. The court will forward the petition to the prosecutor within three days. He has 35 days to file a recommendation or objection.
  5. The judge will review the case and either grant the expungement or set a hearing.
  6. BCI will be notified electronically when an order or expungement is issued. They will then notify outside agencies. 
  7. Court will provide one certified copy for the defendant to keep.

Questions: BCI Expungement Web Page
Apply at:       Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification (BCI)
3888 West 5400 South
Salt Lake City, Utah 84118
Phone: 801.965.4445