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Utility Billing

South Weber City public utilities administration provides a detailed monthly billing statement for all city-supplied utilities which includes: Water, Storm Water, Sanitary Sewer, Garbage, and the Transportation Utility Fee. The South Weber City utility billing administration makes every effort to read each water meter every month; barring adverse conditions, or inclement weather. Due to the strict meter reading schedule, we regret that we are unable to change the day your meter is read and/or billed.

Billing Services

The South Weber City public utilities billing system enables customers, as well as city staff to proficiently manage billing inqueries and payments in order to better serve our customers. Among these services of the billing system are:

Development of advanced meter reading auditing procedures

Customer service is our first priority. If you have questions or concerns about your billing statement or have questions regarding your culinary water service, please call our office at 801-479-3177.

Billing Process and Collection
Utility payments are due by the 18th of each month. Any payments received after this date are considered late and will be assessed a late fee.  Payments may be made at our office located at 1600 E South Weber Drive, online, via automatic withdrawal from your financial institution, or by mailing your monthly statement using the blue envelope provided with your statement.  A deposit box is available in front of City Hall next to the U.S. Postal Service box for after hours drop-offs as well.

Payment arrangements are available to delinquent customers on a short-term basis. Arrangements can be made by directly contacting a Utility Billing Clerk PRIOR to shut-off. If your account falls past due, and arrangements for payment have not been made, water service will be shut-off.  No arrangements will be accepted after service has been disconnected. Payment of the full past due balance, plus any acrued fees, must then be made to restore service.

Delinquency Policy
If payment is delinquent two months in a row, a courtesy notice is mailed to the corresponding address. Payment must be made by the last business day of the month in order to avoid shut-off. If payment is not received by this date, the culinary water will be shut-off and an additional fee will be assessed based on the City’s current fee schedule. Once payment has been made, water service will not be restored until after 3 pm of the same business day.  Click here to read the full delinquency policy.

Services Billed

  • Culinary Water – The amount of the bill for water used in general household and commercial uses.  you will be charged for per thousand gallons used per month per meter.  To view the water rate chart, Click Here.  Also please be aware that South Weber City does not supply nor bill for irrigation or secondary water.
  • Central Weber Sewer – The amount of the bill paid by the customer to Central Weber Sewer Improvement District for treatment of sewer discharge.  Contact telephone (801)731-3011
  • Sewer – The amount paid to the City for the collection of sewer.
  • Garbage – The amount of the bill paid to the City for collection and disposal of refuse
  • Storm Drain – The amount of the bill paid to the City by each resident for management,reporting, and maintenance of storm water collection
  • Transportation Utility Fee – The amount of the bill paid to the City by each resident to fund the continual operations and maintenance of all city public roads.

Residential and commercial water rates are based on the gallons of water used, meter size, a base rate and whether you have secondary water. Click Here to view the current fee schedule. If you are snowbirding or will not need culinary water or garbage for three months or more, your culinary water and garbage service can be temporarily discontinued.  A monthly bill will still be sent for sewer and storm drain services. The City does not offer discounts for military or senior citizens.

Signing Up for Service
All new home owners must come to the City Office, 1600 E. South Weber Drive, to sign up for public utilities.  Please bring a valid photo ID.  If you desire, you can print the form out and bring it with you, but you must present a valid photo ID at the City Office for services to be initiated. You may alternatively email the form with a copy of your ID to  A $25 fee is required for sign-ups.

Rental Property
Per City Code, the utilities must remain in the property owner’s name.