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Road Closure Notice

You may be wondering, “What in the South Weber Windstorm is going on at 2700 because I don’t see the big machines anymore?”
Due to the rocky nature of the work, machinery was not able to bore under the canal as originally planned.
While the road is closed off, the developers will be taking this opportunity to connect their utilities so that the road will not have to be closed for such a long period again in the future.
Because of this change in direction, the developer anticipates the road will be back open to the public midweek next week.
In the meantime, the developer has promised that if they are not working, the road will be open. IF YOU NOTICE WORK IS NOT BEING DONE AND THE ROAD IS STILL SHOWING THAT IT IS CLOSED, please send us a DM or give us a call so we can contact the developer to find out why it hasn’t been opened to the public during downtime.
And again, we want to give our sincerest thank you to all of you for your patience. We know this hasn’t been an ideal situation, but we appreciate the understanding.



Please be advised that 2700 E will be closed during daytime hours Monday – Friday (9-5) between 2/25 & 3/14 from 7800 South to Deer Run Drive. Please use Peachwood Drive as an alternate.

The developers of The Lofts at Deer Run will be installing their underground utilities across the canal and across 2700. Due to the rocky ground, they need to cut open 3 different 6×4 foot sections of road to bore under the canal.

After consultation with the City Engineer and with the presence of heavy machinery, it was determined that a closure would be the safest solution to complete the work. We don’t love it either but these things do happen from time to time. We have let DCSO know as well and they will help with patrols to make sure individuals drive through this area as safe as possible. They are hoping they will be able to leave the road open at night but it may become necessary to close it at night as well, a notice will be sent in these cases.

We understand this is short notice, and we are so sorry for the inconvenience. They’ve known they needed to bore, but because of construction demands and equipment availability the boring company has a limited window and this was the time it was kind of sudden.

We appreciate your patience and understanding!