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Strategic Planning Documents

In order to help maintain a consistent vision for the City, the City Council adopts various plans and guiding documents for City Staff, Planning Commission, and residents to follow.

General Plan

Every city and town in the State of Utah is required to have a general plan, which is the local government’s long-term framework  for future growth and development. The general plan represents the community’s view of its future and expresses the community’s development goals. The general plan contains the goals and polices upon which the City Council and Planning Commission will base their land use decisions.

Moderate Income Housing Plan

Most jurisdictions must incorporate a moderate income housing element within their general plan. This moderate income housing element includes an “analysis of how the jurisdiction will provide a realistic opportunity for development of moderate income housing within the next five years. South Weber is required to maintain a Moderate Income Housing Plan.

Capital Facilities Plans (CFP)

The Capital Facilities Plan (CFP) details the city’s current understanding of the projected capital improvement needs and financing sources that supports the city’s current and future population and use.

Impact Fee Facilities Plans (IFFP)

The purpose of the Impact Fee Facilities Plan (IFFP), with supporting Impact Fee Analysis (IFA), is to fulfill requirements established in Utah Code and to help South Weber City fund necessary capital improvements for future growth.


2021 Storm Drain CFP & IFFP

2019 Transportation IFFP

2018 Transportation CFP

2017 Parks IFFP

Moderate Income Housing Plan

2017 Sanitary Sewer CFP & IFFP

2017 Culinary Water IFFP

2016 Culinary Water CFP