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In order to promote the health and general welfare of the citizens of South Weber, it is the intent of the City to develop a network of non-motorized trails throughout the community. These trails should be readily available to all residents and others so far as possible with trailheads and access
points located all through the city. These trails should provide a variety of walking, jogging, running, biking and equestrian experiences through use of different widths, surfaces and degrees of difficulty. Specific trail recommendations follow.

The Trails Master Plan was officially adopted by the City Council on October 28, 2008.  This plan is intended to be used in future planning.
Read Ordinance 2008-16 Approving and Adopting Trails as part of the General Plan.

BONNEVILLE SHORELINE TRAIL: The Bonneville Shoreline Trail (BST) is a regional trail conceptually traversing the entire Wasatch Front and extending into Cache County approximately along the high water level of ancient Lake Bonneville. A portion of this trail runs along the foothills east of
the City at approximately 5200 ft. elevation. Though most of this trail lies outside the city boundaries, it is nevertheless of great importance to the residents of South Weber. The City should cooperate and encourage Davis County and others to complete the trail. This trail should be constructed at approximately 4 ft. in width and have a natural material surface. Special care to reduce impacts and keep grades manageable will need
to be taken in crossing Corbet Creek and other ravines. At some point above the Weber Basin Job Corps this trail needs to transition from the 5200 ft. level to a the proposed Weber Canyon Trailhead just above river level at the mouth of the canyon. This trailhead will also support and provide cross access to the proposed Weber River Parkway Trail.

OLD FORT TRAIL: This trail is intended to be a 6ft. to 8ft. wide paved trail running from approximately 1200 East to near the west end of the City following along the south side of I-84. It should run within the buffer zone proposed previously in this document so far as practical. Special attention to safety will be warranted at the trail crossing of 475 East. This trail should become the responsibility of the City for maintenance and control. It is anticipated that the majority of this trail will be constructed by developers of adjacent property. As these developments are proposed, the City should see that a continuous trail is established with consistent width and surface.

WEBER RIVER PARKWAY TRAIL: The Weber River Parkway Trail is proposed extension of an existing trail in Riverdale. In general this trail will run along the south bank of the river between the river and I-84. At the west end of the City this will vary due to existing residences abutting the river. In
this area it will run between Cottonwood Dr. and I-84 going under Adams Ave. toll bridge and run along the south river bank again westward. Some of the property involved is privately owned and some is owned by the Utah Department of Transportation. The City should work with other interested groups in securing the easements or right-of-ways for this trail. South Weber seems to be the most likely candidate to maintain this section of the trail and should consider accepting responsibility for Weber River Parkway Trail within its borders. Even though the existing trail in Riverdale is paved, it is not recommended that this section of the trail be paved at this time. It should be approximately 10ft. wide with a compacted granular surface. It could be paved at some point in the future, should that prove to be a wise course of action. The location should be as close to the river bank as reasonable to provide continuous fisherman access.


Check out Davis County’s trails website to find even more trails: