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Fire Department 

The Mission of the South Weber City Fire Department is to protect lives, preserve property, and stabilize incidents involving fire, medical emergencies, and other dangerous conditions. The South Weber City Fire Department is dedicated to sustaining the health, safety, and wellness of the residents of South Weber City.

 The Fire Departments Core Values are:

To Prepare effectively for Fire and Emergency Medical Response (EMS).

To Engage in bettering the community we serve.

To Affect the lives of those we serve in a positive manner.

To Respond professionally always.

To Live and uphold the oath of which we are sworn.



The South Weber City Fire Department is a full-time department operated by a part-time staff with a geographic response area of the city, that includes Highway 89, Interstate 84, and the Weber Basin Job Corps.  This ensure 24/7 coverage. The South Weber City Fire Department is also committed to the assistance of neighboring cities, counties, and Hill Air Force Base through mutual aid agreements.

To ensure effective staffing, we measure performance. This is done in two main ways. The first is our response time requirements. Every month response times are reviewed to ensure the standards are being met. Second, the fire chief meets with the Medical Control Doctor and EMS Captains to review calls for the quality of care that is being received. We pull up records, evaluate them and make sure our staff is providing the best care possible.

Past years paramedic service has been contracted through Davis County. This year we are pleased to announce that the Fire department will be bringing on paramedic service this year. Our goal is to have it fully implemented by October 1st. This will result in faster response time and will increase the service and safety of the community.

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Station Address: 7365 S. 1375 E., South Weber, UT 84405

Phone #: 801-476-8907

If you have an emergency, call 911.