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At least one signature is required to submit this document. Please send the completed form along with a copy of your driver’s license to If you have questions, please contact 801-479-3177 ext. 2201

Permits & Applications

Instructions: Fill in all items in the left column completely and legibly.  When ready to submit application please be sure to:

•Include plan check fee (cash or check only)
•One set of electronic site plan with all setbacks shown, floor plans/construction drawings, stamped engineer plans and stamped structural calculations.
• ALL PERMITS MUST BE EMAILED. The City will not accept Paper Applications. Email to . •Please call 801-479-3177 ext. 2205 or email to verify receipt of permit application once sent.

Other Items to Note
•Dust control requirements must be submitted with every permit application performing work outside.
•If the owner is acting as the general contractor, you must have an owner as non-licensed builder form notarized and submitted.​
Notify the City if you change contractors or choose to cancel your application.

*Builder Water (culinary water only) is Required at or around the 4 way stage on all new Single Family Dwellings prior to the need for water. Jumpers are strictly forbidden in South Weber City. Using a jumper will incur a $200 tampering charge. The application is shown above (Water Application-Construction Use Only

•Not sure if you need a permit?  See our Do I Need a Building Permit? cheatsheet.